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Gila Valley Community Partners

The Gila Valley Community Partners evolved from local volunteers who help run the Gila Valley Mobile Food Pantry, a project of the Grant County Volunteer Center (TVC). In 2012, the Gila food pantry began providing food once a month for 50 qualifying senior households. It has since expanded to 100 households and is open to people of all ages.

The second step toward the formation of the Gila Valley Community Partners was in January 2015 when the Friends of the Gila Food Pantry, a Special Projects Fund of the Grant County Community Foundation, was established to buy food to augment the food pantry distributions. Mobile food pantries cannot select the food they want but must accept the food sent by the food bank. The Friends of the Gila Food Pantry was formed to improve the quality of food distributed to the Gila Food Pantry.

The third step in the formation of the Gila Valley Community Partners involved many factors. The diverse members of the community began to look forward to the unique monthly gatherings when people come together to distribute and receive essential food. One-on- one conversations revealed other areas of need. Cutbacks in community services, including senior services at a time when more services are required, made it apparent that in addition to food insecurity, there are needs and opportunities in the community that are not being met.

The Gila Valley Community Partnership is a volunteer organization interested in helping to create a hunger-free community where essential needs are met and people can thrive. Membership is open to anyone interested in supporting the Association’s goals and activities.

GVCP is a purely voluntary organization, and no membership fee or annual dues are required for membership. Our mission is to increase opportunities for health, well-being, and quality of life for people living in the under-resourced Gila Valley communities of Gila, Cliff, Buckhorn, Mule Creek, and Redrock by:

   a. Supporting self-determined community initiatives and partnership programs that promote community services, food security,
       health and wellness programs, jobs, and activities essential to thrive.
   b. Collaborating with other organizations and government entities who are interested in enhancing the lives of people
       in the Gila valley.
   c. Helping with information about resources available to individuals in the community.
   d. Providing a vehicle by which individuals, families, businesses, and organizations
       can support the needs of these communities.
   e. Advocating for the health, safety, dignity, and economic well-being of members
      of the community who are at-risk or vulnerable—especially people living in poverty, children, the elderly, and the
      chronically ill or disabled.
   f. Supporting the committed caregivers in the community.
   g. Sponsoring, hosting, and participating in events and activities that promote any
       of the general purposes of GVCP.

The Gila Valley Community Partners is interested in senior issues, children issues, food insecurity, transportation issues, information resources, health & wellness, and fundraising to help meet community needs. Checks can be made payable to the Gila Valley Community Partners or, if you wish a tax-deductible receipt, make checks payable to the Grant County Community Foundation and indicate on the check your desired purpose. Mail to: PO Box 154, Gila, NM 88038

Email us at or contact Sandra Riva, Project Manager, (575) 654-4800 or (575) 535-2490 if you would like to support us in any way or would simply like more information.